Portraits of Peace: A Virtual Conversation with John Noltner

Tuesday, September 28, 2021 - 7:00pm

What: A Virtual Conversation with Jeff Rennicke and John Noltner
When: Tuesday, September 28th at 7pm

Frustrated with an increasingly polarized social landscape, award-winning photographer John Noltner set out on a 40,000-mile road trip across the United States to rediscover the common humanity that connects us. He did so by asking people one simple question: "What does peace mean to you?" Through difficult conversations, gentle humor, and a keen eye for beauty, Noltner's Portraits of Peace captures a rich collage of who we are as a nation.

Beautiful storytelling and captivating photography converge to offer a uniquely human and accessible examination of the social issues that most challenge us today, such as racial equality, immigration reform, LGBTQ+ rights, women's rights, freedom of religion, and tolerance. Through the real-world stories of ordinary citizens who choose, in the midst of difficult circumstances, to pursue healing, reconciliation, and community building, we discover a glimmer of hope that something better is possible.

Join us online for what is sure to be a meaningful conversation about peace, community, John's recent visit to Bayfield, and of course his stunning new book! We will arrange for signed book plates for anyone looking to buy either in store or shipped. Preorder book now!