Opening Celebration and Ribbon Cutting!

It was a day of opening festivities on Thursday, May 27th! A beautiful day – sunny, warm, light breeze. The store was filled to capacity and then emptied out onto Rittenhouse Avenue for the official ribbon-cutting ceremony. Bayfield Mayor Larry MacDonald presided in top hat and tails, Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Cari Obst gave us a warm welcome, and we expressed our gratitude to our many collaborators who were key to getting us up and running.

Store on Rittenhouse AveWe have been blessed with powerful human resources. First and foremost, we thank Richard and Carol Avol of Chequamegon Books and Coffee in Washburn who provided immeasurable guidance, expertise, encouragement and support. Then, our stalwart opening staff, Kristen Sandstrom and Collin Leino, whose combination of brains, brawn and experience made our May 21st opening possible. We are grateful that Jack Beagan, Lois Albrecht and Joe Defoe have joined us to round out our sales staff.

We agree with the comments of many visitors that the space is especially warm and attractive – a real book shop. That would not have been the case without the efforts of our realtor Gennifer Reed of Reed Realty and our architect/designer Jill Lorenz. Jim Wargin and his crew did a magnificent job with the remodel. The oak bookcases are a work of art and made all the more so thanks to Tessa Levens’ superb finishing work. The hardwood floors, salvaged from beneath layers of carpet and linoleum and years of neglect, were beautifully brought back to life by Jim Wargin, Ron Vanderploeg and their crews. Electric, plumbing and heating were expertly handled by Anderson Electric, Ed’s Mechanical and Jeff Pipgras respectively. We are grateful to them all.

Bob Holton! Bob Holton! Great Artist-in-Residence! His indescribable work on the winter windows, the children’s mural and nook, the trompe d’oeil vent enclosure, the stovepipe owl, the exterior trim, and the show window designs truly define the spirit of the shop. To say “Thank You” is not enough!

Michelle McCumber, our IT guru, has coped with our own technical limitations with swift competence and high humor. Kathy Wendling’s website design and construction gracefully expresses the aesthetic of Apostle Islands Booksellers.

All in all, working with this team has been a great pleasure and rewarding experience. Without each one, the shop would fall short of our highest expectations. With each one, it has exceeded them.

This summer we are open seven days a week from 8am to 9pm. We look forward to seeing many of you very soon.


Congratulations Demaris and Theron! I love reading about your store. We miss you. I will call you to chat. Ann

Thanks, Ann (albeit belated)!  Thanks for helping keep Sonoma County clean and green!  We'll be trying to do the same out here.