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Apostle Islands BooksellersWe are proud to announce we are now accessible to wheelchairs. Just ask for the portable ramp!

Apostle Islands Booksellers is a full-service, locally-owned, independent bookstore located in Bayfield, Wisconsin on the south shore of Lake Superior. Our collection of books emphasizes the history, cultures, nature, lifestyle, cuisine and activities of our locale – the Apostle Islands, the Chequamegon region, Lake Superior, the Great Lakes, Ojibwe Country and the Northwoods.

We offer carefully selected general fiction and non-fiction titles of interest to residents of Bayfield, Washburn, Ashland and the surrounding communities as well as the many visitors who journey to the unique and spectacular settings of Madeline Island, the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore and the Gaylord A. Nelson National Wilderness Area. We also carry a selection of quality accessories, maps and charts, and gift items with a regional flavor.

You will find us on Rittenhouse Avenue in the heart of historic Bayfield, Wisconsin across from the Big Water Café and Coffee Roasters. Come in and browse. If we don’t have just what you want, we can usually get it for you quickly or find an excellent alternative. Check our Events calendar and join us for author readings, book groups and other events to add a literary dimension to your Bayfield experience.

A Virtual Chat with Northernmost's Author Peter Geye


Minneapolis author Peter Geye has been one of our favorite authors and one of our biggest supporters since we opened our door in 2010. While were disappointed to cancel this in-person event back in April, we are thrilled to be offering you a chance to meet Peter online and learn all about the final journey for the Eide Family.

1897, Odd Einar Eide returns home from a near-death experience in the Arctic only to discover his own funeral underway. His wife, Inger, stunned to see him alive, is slow to warm back up to him, having spent many sleepless nights convinced she had lost both him and their daughter, Thea, who traveled to America two years earlier but has yet to send even a single letter back to them in Hammerfest, their small Norwegian town at the top of the earth.

More than a century later, Greta Nansen has finally begun to admit to herself that her marriage is over. Desperately unhappy and unfulfilled, she makes the decision to follow her husband from their home in Minnesota to Oslo, where he has traveled for work, to end it once and for all. But on impulse, for reasons unknown even to her, she diverts her travels to Hammerfest: the town of her ancestors, the town where her great-great-grandmother Thea was born-and for some reason never returned to.

A TIMELESS TALE: Northernmost explores universal themes-of identity, family, the nature of love and obligation-that will appeal to general readers and book clubs everywhere. Half historical fiction, half contemporary marital drama, Northernmost offers a masterful supply of adventure and heart-stopping suspense on ice floes closer to the North Pole than anywhere else, complete with deathly-cold water, near-starvation, and a marauding bear. Talk about something for every kind of serious reader.

If you would like a signed copy of Northernmost, please pre-order your copy by ordering online, or contact the store to reserve your copy today!

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